Ways to Connect

We have created a number of ways for the community members to connect:

This site

Our intention is to develop this site to include space to blog and comment, both on the issues and interests of the group but also about our various networking events, including the tweetups and unconferences.

It would be great to have blog contributions from members of the community so if you would like to post, or support the blog activity in some way, please get in touch and we will set you up with the appropriate permissions.


We have created a closed community on Yammer – www.yammer.com/connectinghr – where members of connectinghr can collaborate and chat.  If you are not familiar with yammer, it is very much like twitter except that you are two major differences:

  1. You are not limited to 140 characters!
  2. It is private – only members of the community can comment, respond and read entries.

If you are not familiar with twitter either, then don’t worry, just get in touch with either Jon or myself and we can give you an introduction and walk through.

We are currently using the yammer network to collaborate on the unconference – click on the unconference page above for more details.


For those of you who are familiar with twitter you can also follow the activity of the community by searching for the hashtag #connectingHR.

We created the #connectingHR hashtag simply so we could track the conversation and activity in the lead up to our first tweetup, but since that first meeting it has taken on a life of its own having been adopted by the a wide cross section of those interested in HR including journalists, academics and HR professionals themselves.

Consequently, if you search for #connectingHR on twitter – click the link now to try it! – you will not only get the latest updates on community activity you will also find a very useful stream of information, articles, blog posts and general opinion on all matters HR from all corners of the international twitter globe.  You will also find a number of great people to follow too!