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Social Learning Tools Making You Enhance Know-How Via Networking

The corporate culture has changed drastically after globalization. Organizations now exist in an arena where the web solves all corporate problems. It is a world where mobile phone has become a backbone to business houses. Social networking sites rule the consumer market. So, analyzing these aspects, e-learning software companies have designed social learning application tools. These application tools help firms create effective knowledgeable experience for workers.…


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Learning management systems lessening organizational stress

Stress is a subject in itself. From an organizational aspect, stress has many aspects and ramifications. Stress is common in a workplace. This topic has provoked a lot of researchers and organizational experts to explore and analyze its implications. Eminent critics of organizational culture and work ethics have said that the matter deserves attention. According to these prolific minds, stress has a direct correlation with the amount of work assigned to a workforce. If the work assigned to…


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Social learning engendering work ethics

They say, “If your ethics are high, things can never go wrong”. It is quite right. The latent principle in the philosophical quote is that, strong work ethics can lead one to the zenith. This principle has a lot of applicability in an organizational culture. Work ethics are essential for any business to survive. Organizations always face the trade-off between long term and short term targets. One has to be foregone, in order to achieve the other one. Firms at times have a myopic vision,…


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Training management system of an e learning service

Social Learning

Training is an integral element…


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Why it's time for your business to go "social"

Why Must your Business go "Social"

Because I have been using social tools both to "do" business and to grow and market my business I believe it is a critical way forward, and yet almost every day and in many meetings I meet people that still just "don't get it".

They think of "social media" as Facebook and Twitter - but social is more than that - its about collaborating with the right people, at the right time to solve a business challenge of deliver a business…


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Missing the social point

If you have glanced at the newspapers recently you will have no doubt become aware of the story of the HR Executive sacked by his employers, BG Group, for using his LinkedIn profile incorrectly.


Firstly, let’s clear up a few points.  He wasn’t sacked from his position, he left due to collapse of working relations with his superiors that stemmed from his…


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If credibility is the answer .... what is the question?

One of the LinkedIn features I particularly enjoy is the well-considered, thought-provoking questions and answers about subjects in which I have an interest - both in Groups and Answers. The different viewpoints have expanded my horizons, knowledge and interests.   My perception of many contributors - most of whom I’ve never met - has been enhanced by their on-line contributions and I feel I’ve benefited from them sharing their knowledge and experiences. 

There’s a…


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Response Overload...

There has been a lot of talk on the interweb lately about super injunctions, and a certain footballers apparent ability to score more often off the pitch than on it.  We talk of these injunctions as if they are new phenomenon, or reserved for the super rich and wealthy when actually, for most employees and the…


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