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Five ways HR can use benefits and reward to fight the salary squeeze

Recently in a comment post for HR Magazine, I wrote about why HR needs to think carefully about the impact that frozen wages and falling living standards are having on our employees.

As financial wellbeing is increasingly recognised as an important factor in employee performance, I think it makes business sense to consider how benefits and reward can be brought in…


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Employee Engagement: Why it’s Managers not Money that Matter

As we get to the end of the beginning of 2013, motivation and engagement continues to stand out as one of the big themes for the year.

Among the headlines and blogs this week, the story which caught my eye was one which reported research into the extent to which employees are engaged with the success of their organisations.

The good…


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disengaging the engaged

Last post, I talked about the difficulty of creating employee engagement for “zombies” – people disengaged from their own lives and just going through the motions. If it’s highly unlikely to engage them, where does that leave us? Are engagement efforts all for naught? Not a bit, but I suggest looking at our…


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one reason your engagement efforts will fail (and no one is talking about it)

There is a BIG reason your employee engagement efforts might fail. It’s prevalent, it’s pervasive, and no one is talking about it. I can sum that reason up in one word. But, first a little back story…

Employee engagement is a huge topic right now. Lots of buzz, plenty of debate, data collecting, teeth gnashing, and program development in action. As with any hot issue, there are HR departments, survey firms, and consultants everywhere swinging into action as I type.

But what if…


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Hangovers, stress and kisses under the mistletoe: why the festive silly season is good for managers

Traditionally it was just the summer when we had a silly season for stories in the media. Now, no run-up to Christmas would be complete without the wall-to-wall stories about the impact of the festive season on everything from productivity to absenteeism with office relationships, stress and diet all thrown into the mix for good measure.

Of course, much of the research which fuels the stories has to be taken with a pinch of salt. And deep down, some might feel a little uneasy about…


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Engagement, performance and the role of the manager - how to deliver improvement

This week we saw the launch of a new movement which wants us to put the link between engagement and organisational performance at the top of our list of priorities.

Engage for Success is led by David Macleod who chaired a government review on the issue and enjoys the backing of big names from across business, academia and the public sector. Standing out among those names at launch were Tanith Dodge, HR Director of…


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CIPD 2012: Why behaviours matter more than values

This week saw the annual jamboree in Manchester for the HR community, the CIPD conference.

Rising above the usual brow-beating about how HR can remain relevant to organisations, one of big headlines came from a CIPD survey which found that for many employees,…


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Why it's time for your business to go "social"

Why Must your Business go "Social"

Because I have been using social tools both to "do" business and to grow and market my business I believe it is a critical way forward, and yet almost every day and in many meetings I meet people that still just "don't get it".

They think of "social media" as Facebook and Twitter - but social is more than that - its about collaborating with the right people, at the right time to solve a business challenge of deliver a business…


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Missing the social point

If you have glanced at the newspapers recently you will have no doubt become aware of the story of the HR Executive sacked by his employers, BG Group, for using his LinkedIn profile incorrectly.


Firstly, let’s clear up a few points.  He wasn’t sacked from his position, he left due to collapse of working relations with his superiors that stemmed from his…


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The simplicity of engagement...

You may have heard of Engage for Success, a government backed and Industry led initiative led by David MacLeod and Nita Clark to look at how we can improve overall levels of engagement within organisations and turn…


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Response Overload...

There has been a lot of talk on the interweb lately about super injunctions, and a certain footballers apparent ability to score more often off the pitch than on it.  We talk of these injunctions as if they are new phenomenon, or reserved for the super rich and wealthy when actually, for most employees and the…


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