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It's a numbers game

I've had a few conversations in the last few days that have really reinforced the importance that numbers have in building HR's credibility and ensuring that we make a valuable contribution to our business. By numbers I'm referring primarily to accurate statistics and meaningful metrics.

Let's face it, business is a numbers game. Our CEO's are living and breathing numbers. Revenue; profit; EBITDA and growth forecasts to name but a few. If we really hope to influence and contribute to…


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Don't blame us, it was a rogue employee

The Royal Liverpool Hospital’s recent embarrassing recruitment blunder, where “the usual Equal Opps employer rubbish” appeared on a job advert rather than the official Equal Opportunities statement, has provoked a variety of reactions. But what interested me was that the hospital responded by giving the standard PR message of “fully committed to equal opportunities, won awards for it, must have been a…


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Organisational psychology in the academic versus the real world

Following the recent riots, Ed Miliband called for a a deep analysis into the real causes. David Cameron, however, argued that the UK knows the causes and all that is needed now is rapid action and intervention. Mlliband responded by saying that Cameron's intervention will be a knee-jerk reaction based on a superficial analysis of the situation, and which will result in the wrong intervention and not cure the rioting.

As organizational capability advisers, we face an analogous… Continue

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Office Romance

From experience I can say that the possibility of having to deal with office romance can easily top the list of issues that a manager fears most, alongside with demotions, body odor and giving negative feedback. Sometimes the work affairs are secret, sometimes they are out in the open. The views on such behavior differ, but most of my friends with an Industrial Psychology degree coincide in believing that "a healthy dose of office romance is beneficial to the productivity of the work… Continue

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What has been your main 'takeaway' from the ConnectingHR unconferences so far?

With the next ConnectingHR unconference now a little under a month away, I thought it'd be interesting to discuss what the previous unconferences have meant to those that attended them.

Please post any and all learning points from ConnectingHR unconferences, or areas in which you think you've benefited from attending CHRU events here.

And if it would be OK with Jon and Gareth, I'd like to invite anybody…


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HR and social media in Asia

Hope this note doesn't go against the community's Principles in the tabs at the top -  ie that we don't want people using this site to promote their services.

But one of our hopes (if not quite an aim) of the community has been that we will progressively expand internationally (indeed, we already have members here from the US and Switzerland and probably elsewhere).


So I thought I'd note that on Monday and Tuesday I'm running a workshop on HR and social media in…


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