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Why it's time for your business to go "social"

Why Must your Business go "Social"

Because I have been using social tools both to "do" business and to grow and market my business I believe it is a critical way forward, and yet almost every day and in many meetings I meet people that still just "don't get it".

They think of "social media" as Facebook and Twitter - but social is more than that - its about collaborating with the right people, at the right time to solve a business challenge of deliver a business…


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The RSA's "Jobs Summit"

Over on my Wordpress blog, I've written a post on the recent "Jobs Summit" at the RSA. It might interest some people here...


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Dickens, Davos, and CSR

(from the careergro blog , 08/02/2012)

‘Bitzer,’ said Mr Gradgrind, broken down, and miserably submissive to him, ‘have you a heart?’

‘The circulation, sir,’ returned Bitzer, smiling at the…


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Space to create

Yesterday I met with a fascinating character, Jon Bartlett, the power behind Project Libero, a fresh and grounded approach to coaching. Over lunch we chatted about the potential for Libero and Treacletiger, and the roads that brought us to our current positions.…

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What's in a name?

People have been asking us a burning question. No, not "What's the meaning of life?" or anything remotely connected to this Saturday's lottery numbers, but a more personal one. 

One that's harder to define, because it's about feeling, memory, emotion and energy.…


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Going Live

Going live

So what's 'going live' all about, apart from being a fondly-remembered Saturday morning show of yesteryear?…


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Show me the money

The following is a guest post written by Group HR Director and seasoned blogger Alison Chisnell which was first published to Discuss HR in January 2012


So 2012 is well and here and…here’s a surprise…it really doesn’t feel any different to 2011. The economic and work environment continues to be extremely tough for many, if not most, and as HR professionals, now more than ever, we need to grit our teeth, show our resilience and work with the business to deliver value…


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Dear Editor: Response to the Evening Standard article 'Why Can't a Brit Get a Job at Pret'

Great letter written by the PPS Managing Director in response to the Evening Standard article this week on 'Why a Brit can't get a Job at Pret?' - agree whole heartedly with his response http://blog.ppsworks.com/2012/02/01/dear-editor/


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Missing the social point

If you have glanced at the newspapers recently you will have no doubt become aware of the story of the HR Executive sacked by his employers, BG Group, for using his LinkedIn profile incorrectly.


Firstly, let’s clear up a few points.  He wasn’t sacked from his position, he left due to collapse of working relations with his superiors that stemmed from his…


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