Notes from Charlie Duff!


Because we are totally radical, we made some notes. But probably not very good ones.


CHRU 3 meeting 1

Attending: Ailsa, Jon, Peter, Charlie, Mervyn, Gareth

Overview of last time
How much different and how much the same?

More formats needed - fishbowl etc
Pecha kucha is here to stay!

Mix it up - perhaps each time slot a different format

Suggestions: Artists? Live interaction? Live stream? Other formats? Drama? Graffitti artists?

Shout out to the community for creative skills

We need an icebreaker - world cafe networking

Decorate the space – zones? Beach, gym, office, garden...

Bring in unemployed etc to talk about the sharp end of HR - reconnecting must to the purpose of what we do.

How can we add more depth? 
Pre-planning on tracks for deeper tracks advertised beforehand so there is some idea of what we will discussed. Outline of themes beforehand - electronic version of the grid?

Start this early – will help with sales etc

Political edge
Try to change something - publish paper etc - lobby

Our own community had been hit - their stories. Self employment, etc

Alisa- talk to Darius, bring in young people etc

Gareth - Investigate types of format, publish on the NingNangNong



Post apocalypse HR - after the riots

New ways to engage
How can HR take action
Anarchist HR
Immigration cap

The four HR horsemen...
The HR spring

What to do differently?

The un-structure
World cafe for icebreaker - ask a question each time, not so much for populating grid
Quickly grid, will be part populated already
Five different formats – one for each session
Energiser after lunch

Is there a demand for a social media surgery?

Community to develop something - data gathering, HR and technology, workshop, white paper

Case study: ConnectingHR changed my life


Reach out to community again for icebreakers

Choral suggestion
on boarding of newbies

Marketing and the tickets debate

Give a discount for 'plus 1' invite - discount for 2 – bring someone not part of the crowd
Community needs to work harder to spread the word – we're looking at you, there

Practitioner must be one of the tickets

We should target a few people - Gareth seems to know a load of people, so he can do some of that. Any superstar HR requests, throw them in the forum



Single tickets? £85 - £100 – if we sell singles at all...

2 people £150 by 5 Oct
200 after

More you bring the better! Whole HR teams etc
Group tickets?
Supplier/practitioner/commentator system

Gareth will finalise this....


Charlie - get us Media partners (will get on this asap)


Chief poet - Neil
Chief busker - Doug
Coordinator with Darius - Ailsa
MC - Charlie
World cafe - Mervyn
Grid – Jose? Yet to be consulted


Marketing - Gareth
Media partnerships - Charlie
Event rite management - Gareth
Shopping - Mervyn
HR cupcakes - Charlie and anyone else who wants to
Follow up masters and wrap up at the end - Gareth and Jon

Gareth migrating people over by email invite

Special Ning community discounts
5% discount for profile set up by sept (two weeks)
Top ten points on Ning get 'most influential' badge on the day
Disorganising pixies will lead Ning
Once a week at least participation required! So be warned!


Thanks everyone for attending!

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I would email. PTod going live this week with video.

HR faces a new world of work: meet the challenge


The only Unconference for HR professionals is back with The New World of Work: a connectingHR event


#ConnectingHR, the original UK HR twitter-based community is back for the third time with the most interactive HR event of the season. Bringing together the knowledge at the cutting edge of human resources, this is no ordinary conference – no pitching, no event management companies, no big budgets, no hard selling from sponsors - and no fixed agenda. 

The event is highly interactive and participative. There will be industry experts and thought leaders in attendance but they are not driving the agenda or giving any keynote speeches. We are working out the 'agenda' now and you can join in the conversation here:

Under the umbrella theme of 'The New World of Work' we will be asking a lot of questions, including:


  • Are existing organisation models sustainable in a new economic future?
  • What is the future model of 'employment'?


This agenda will cut across a wide range of people oriented subjects including engagement, reward, learning and development, resourcing and performance management.

There's no long keynotes or seminars, but you will be joined by influential HR people and be able to actively discuss and learn directly from them – and contribute yourself. 

It's the only HR conference where you can decide what you want to learn and then make sure it happens. 

And it's the only place where you can go to all of the sessions – these are formed of small discussion groups and everyone is free to move between groups to get a well-rounded overview – or stay and enjoy a deep discussion on one subject.

Who is it for?

HR, internal communications and other inhouse professionals - who are looking for an informal, value adding forum to discuss the key issues you face in shaping the people agenda in your business

Journalists/Academics and representatives of professional bodies- share your research or your analysis of how organisations are responding to the latest people issues

Independent consultants and suppliers to the HR profession: share your experiences of helping organisations leverage positive people strategies for business benefit

Tickets: special tickets are £75 each when you book 2 – bring a HR friend or even your manager. If you are a supplier to the HR market you can purchase these and bring a HR client or friend along with you, or anyone can buy a single ticket for £99. Price includes all sessions, lunch and networking drinks afterwards. Ticket link: 


To get an idea of the format you can read about the first unconference here:

***** Editors notes: Contact Charlie Duff 07883759170 for quotes and further information. Interviews with HR practitioners and the disorganisation committee can be arranged. Some video footage is also available for publication.

Kind regards

Community manager,
Follow me on Twitter
beautifully put Charlie!

How do we think the organisation is going everyone?

Charlie / Ailsa - confirmed the agenda timings?

Mervyn - sorted the world cafe?  and the shopping?

Is Jose / someone else doing the grid?


Are we going to do anything to encourage PKs and facilitate fishbowls etc?

Shall we put the attendance list up on eventbrite yet?

Are we letting people come along for lunch / evening drinks - and charging them a nominal fee for this or not bothering?


Do we need a call (or a google + hangout?) over the next couple of days?

PS this was the agenda from CHRU2 and I also attach the grid from CHRU1


08.30 – 09.00


09.00 – 10.30

World Café welcome

10.30 – 11.00

Break and Networking

11.00 – 11.30


11.30 – 12.15

Session 1

12.15 – 13.00

Session 2

13.00 – 14.00


14.00 – 14.45

Session 3

14.45 – 15.50

Session 4

15.30 – 16.00

Break and networking

16.00 – 16.30

Review & Planning final sessions

16.30 – 17.15

Session 5

17.15 – 17.30


17.30 – 21.00

Drinks and networking



Thanks Jon!


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