Notes from Charlie Duff!


Because we are totally radical, we made some notes. But probably not very good ones.


CHRU 3 meeting 1

Attending: Ailsa, Jon, Peter, Charlie, Mervyn, Gareth

Overview of last time
How much different and how much the same?

More formats needed - fishbowl etc
Pecha kucha is here to stay!

Mix it up - perhaps each time slot a different format

Suggestions: Artists? Live interaction? Live stream? Other formats? Drama? Graffitti artists?

Shout out to the community for creative skills

We need an icebreaker - world cafe networking

Decorate the space – zones? Beach, gym, office, garden...

Bring in unemployed etc to talk about the sharp end of HR - reconnecting must to the purpose of what we do.

How can we add more depth? 
Pre-planning on tracks for deeper tracks advertised beforehand so there is some idea of what we will discussed. Outline of themes beforehand - electronic version of the grid?

Start this early – will help with sales etc

Political edge
Try to change something - publish paper etc - lobby

Our own community had been hit - their stories. Self employment, etc

Alisa- talk to Darius, bring in young people etc

Gareth - Investigate types of format, publish on the NingNangNong



Post apocalypse HR - after the riots

New ways to engage
How can HR take action
Anarchist HR
Immigration cap

The four HR horsemen...
The HR spring

What to do differently?

The un-structure
World cafe for icebreaker - ask a question each time, not so much for populating grid
Quickly grid, will be part populated already
Five different formats – one for each session
Energiser after lunch

Is there a demand for a social media surgery?

Community to develop something - data gathering, HR and technology, workshop, white paper

Case study: ConnectingHR changed my life


Reach out to community again for icebreakers

Choral suggestion
on boarding of newbies

Marketing and the tickets debate

Give a discount for 'plus 1' invite - discount for 2 – bring someone not part of the crowd
Community needs to work harder to spread the word – we're looking at you, there

Practitioner must be one of the tickets

We should target a few people - Gareth seems to know a load of people, so he can do some of that. Any superstar HR requests, throw them in the forum



Single tickets? £85 - £100 – if we sell singles at all...

2 people £150 by 5 Oct
200 after

More you bring the better! Whole HR teams etc
Group tickets?
Supplier/practitioner/commentator system

Gareth will finalise this....


Charlie - get us Media partners (will get on this asap)


Chief poet - Neil
Chief busker - Doug
Coordinator with Darius - Ailsa
MC - Charlie
World cafe - Mervyn
Grid – Jose? Yet to be consulted


Marketing - Gareth
Media partnerships - Charlie
Event rite management - Gareth
Shopping - Mervyn
HR cupcakes - Charlie and anyone else who wants to
Follow up masters and wrap up at the end - Gareth and Jon

Gareth migrating people over by email invite

Special Ning community discounts
5% discount for profile set up by sept (two weeks)
Top ten points on Ning get 'most influential' badge on the day
Disorganising pixies will lead Ning
Once a week at least participation required! So be warned!


Thanks everyone for attending!

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Cool! Grid looks good with me - are we going to make this available to view pre buying tickets?


I have now moved and am just settling in so everything is getting easier over here. 


Good news for today is that I have secured us a spot in PTod thanks to their esteemed editor and all-round lovely man, Rob. However he needs a press release and I haven't written one (yet). I'm going to try to put one together if you lot don't mind and will post here.



Hi Charlie, yes, that would be my suggestion  It should be (it already is) available for all members of the community to see it and add to it.  Obviously people will need to sign up on eventbrite before they can actually lead the session they've added!  We'll just need to email all the people who have signed up on eventbrite and make them aware of it (and they should be encouraged - strongly - to sign up on here too if they haven't already done so).
Looks good to me too! well done on PT too. I will post a blog on my own site early next week, I suggest that we all do personal posts maybe giving an angle on the topic. I will try to mobilise some of the HR bloggers in the community to post something too that can go on their sites as well as cross posting on ours.

Hi - the grid looks good - can we remember that if Darius agrees to participate with some of his guys or if Alison gets the Prince's Trust in we will have to accomodate them somewhere too.




Cheers Ailsa, yes, I left the timings out to give us flexibility around this.  I think we should still be able to fit five sessions in hopefully.

Hi All


Am off to meet Darius this evening so will report back and then we will need to keep a slot for him if he agrees to take part. Alison - did we agree to have the Princes Trust people?


Will give them e follow-up call as I haven't heard back from them and keep you posted


A x

Thanks! Am getting quite excited now and a month still to go - almost!



It's actually three weeks now - and we do need to raise the profile of the event substantially now - I'd like to see all members of the community doing personal posts etc, just like Mervyn, to get this more attention.


(This was my post:

Morning lovely people!

I had a great meeting with Darius and Jess at The Spring last night and I think we have come up with a good plan for the day and possibly for a follow up event if we can get enough interest in doing it.


So - the suggestion is that we run a session before lunch where Darius will introduce the work that they do at the Spring and will have 5/6 unemployed graduates (with various disadvantaged backgrounds) who will tell the group about the issues they face in the current climate and explain what might make life better for them in the world of jobseeking.  They will stay for the lunch time break and can mingle with the group.


Darius has suggested as a follow up, if we get enough commitment from our members, that we run another side session with a larger group of his grads where we can do workshops on recruitment, cv's, interview skills etc whch might fit well with the mentoring that some people wanted to get involved with.


Darius also has a Just Text Giving number now and has asked if he can promote it on the day - as it links with his session I have said I can't see why not but that I woudl bring it back to you guys for confirmation.


He has also asked if he can give us some work experience peple on the day - to assist us with running the event. Again have said I personally have no issue but would bring it back to you.


Lastly he has offered to run an Aikido session after lunch as an energiser so hopefully that fits with what we taking about too. Thoughts?


Also some little bits and bobs that came up were - equipment - he has microphones, projector and large screen now that we can hire for a small charge if we want. Who is responsible for the set up on the day? Can you liaise with Darius? (It might be cool to project the Grid?)


He has also opened up a smaller room at the back of the main floor and was saying that some groups had used this as a small cinema - ae we thinking of screening anything? If so we can.


Catering - Merve - they have changed their approach to lunches - they prefer to bring in good sandwiches now and to serve them in the  main room so people can move around more. However, if we want they will serve the way they did before. Personally I quite like the idea of sandwiches and mingling. Coffee and teas as per usual.


So - a lot of food for thought (no pun intended on above comment!). What does everyone think? We can discuss and confirm at next Monday's drinks.


On a tangent the venue is looking better now with the windows glazed and a lot of nice new comfy sofa's and breakout areas. Darius thinks even if it is a cold snap by the time we come it will be nowhere near as bad as last year.





Well done Ailsa - sounds like you have made great progress! I chased up with the Prince's Trust today, but they seem to have lost the initial note of the conversation, so unfortunately we're back to square one with them,  I think in fairness I have possibly been speaking to the fundraising team rather than the business development team, but we shall see if they manage to ring me back this time.  If not it sounds like a great plan re Darius and friends.


I'm really sorry but its now very unlikely that I will be able to come to the Unconference, as my board meeting has been rescheduled to that day. I can come in the evening for drinks but will only be able to make the very end of everything else, which I'm gutted about.  i am proposing though to fund 2 of my team to come and will keep you posted on that score. 


I'll also do a blog about it.....!

Oh no - an unconf without you - you have to come along after!




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