ConnectingHR was an idea that started when Jon Ingham and Gareth Jones, two keen social media advocates and HR professionals met over coffee in January 2010.  We realised that while Social Media was very much a high profile policy issue amongst the HR population, there were few HR professionals in the UK who were actively engaging with and using social media tools.

We both felt that social media, whilst being a core subject of interest itself, could be a great way to bring together HR professionals to share and collaborate on subjects spanning the entire HR remit, as well as more commercial business issues as a whole.

As a result, we decided to bring together a group of HR folk and start the conversation.  After a couple of emails and a few more tweets, ConnectingHR was born.

Since that first coffee, we have held two tweetups – gatherings of likeminded HR professionals either using or interested in social media – and we are currently planning an unconference.  For more information on the either the tweetups or the unconference, simply click on the tabs above.

Overall, our approach to the community is to encourage participation and collaboration from the members – people like you.  This ensures that our events in particular are shaped by you, and not by sponsors or event management companies.  We hope that over time, Jon and simply become active members of the community, with the direction, events and value being driven collectively by the members as a whole.

We look forward to seeing you in the community.

Gareth and Jon